220-901 Test Certification

A specialist needs to run an indicative DVD on a portable workstation running Windows 8.1. Subsequent to setting the boot arrange in the UEFI BIOS to the interior DVD-RW drive, the tablet still boots into Windows. Which of the accompanying settings should be balanced all together for the tablet to boot from the DVD-RW drive?


B. Virtualization

C. Secure boot

D. UEFI BIOS watchword

Reply: C

Question: 2

A professional associates a moment screen to a desktop. It is physically situated to one side of the current screen, however the mouse pointer can just get to the second screen by moving to one side edge of the screen of the main screen. Which of following presentation settings should be changed in accordance with get the pointer to move with the physical position of the screen?

A. Scaling

B. Revolution

C. Position

D. Determination

Reply: C

Question: 3

Which of the accompanying sorts of links are MOST liable to be utilized to interface with an outer hard drive? (Select TWO).

A. Molex




E. USB 3.0

F. CAT6e

Reply: C,E

Question: 4

A client is building a top of the line gaming PC and is looking for a proper power supply unit. Which of the accompanying capabilities of a power supply ought to be introduced? (Select THREE).

A. Smaller than usual ITX shape factor

B. High number of connectors

C. 24-stick principle connector

D. 20-stick principle connector

E. 350-450 watts of energy

F. Double 12v rails

Reply: B,C,F

Question: 5

Which of the accompanying is required amid the establishment of a digitizer?

A. Must be associated with the Internet

B. Must be cleaned

C. Must have the most recent programming introduced

D. Must be aligned

Reply: D

Question: 6

A professional is investigating a development card in a PC that enables the PC to get faxes over a VoIP line. The line associated with the development card is MOST likely which of the accompanying link sorts?

A. Coaxial



D. Multi-mode fiber

E. Single-mode fiber

Reply: C

Question: 7

For which of the accompanying sorts of printers should a professional acquire an upkeep unit containing a fuser, exchange roller, and pickup rollers?

A. Warm

B. Effect

C. Inkjet

D. Laser

Reply: D

Question: 8

Which of the accompanying link association sorts is a case of a smaller than usual DIN?


B. PS/2


D. DB9

Reply: B

Question: 9

A client needs a PC for playing out a solitary strung assignment as fast as could be allowed. Which of the accompanying CPU attributes is the MOST critical?

A. Clock speed

B. Hyperthreading

C. Fan speed

D. Number of centers

Reply: A

Question: 10

Which of the accompanying presentation advances gives the BEST scope of unmistakable hues?



C. Plasma


Reply: D

Question: 11

A client needs to exchange information from the DVR to a DVD. Which of the accompanying ought to be utilized on a workstation keeping in mind the end goal to extricate the information for filing?

A. Optical drive

B. Catch card

C. Thunderbolt

D. Outer capacity

Reply: B

Question: 12

A little workgroup acquires a second-hand printer without systems administration capacities. Which of the accompanying is the BEST strategy for sharing this asset among the workgroup?

A. Associate the printer to a Bluetooth connector all together for the clients to print

B. Associate the printer by utilizing the locally available Infrared port

C. Associate the printer to a client’s workstation and offer the gadget

D. Associate the printer to a parallel switch box

Reply: C

Question: 13

A specialist is building another PC and notification that it has 8 DIMM attachments named 0 through 7. Four are white and four are blue. Which of the accompanying should the professional do FIRST?

A. Introduce the memory in the four white spaces

B. Introduce the memory in the four blue spaces

C. Counsel the motherboard documentation

D. Introduce the memory in spaces 0 through 3

E. Fill all spaces with memory

Reply: C

Question: 14

A client needs to decrease the measure of paper expended on a multi-work printer. Which of the accompanying settings ought to be arranged to accomplish this result?

A. Introduction

B. Duplex

C. Gather

D. Economy ink

Reply: B

Question: 15

A professional overhauls a more established PC to Windows 8. The PC is running uncommonly moderate, however the equipment has no issues and is sufficient for the OS. Which of the accompanying is the MOST likely arrangement?

A. Change the boot arrangement

B. Change the BIOS to UEFI

C. Defragment the hard drive

D. Empower virtualization

Reply: C

Test Information:

Add up to Questions: 211

Test Number: 220-901

Merchant Name: COMPTIA

Cert Name: COMPTIA A+

Test Name: CompTIA A+ Certification Exam

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